duminică, 3 martie 2013

Spring is here!

Spring came and this is an amazing news. From now on we can wear what ever we want!  All the combinations of outfits and clothes are allowead . We have the designers collections to inspire from and we can also make our own custom outfits. We have such a rich season  of colors , leather, skirts of different lengths and shapes.  The imposing jackets with oversized sholders describe the powerfull woman of our days. And let's not forget about the amazing oversized necklaces that bring the medieval opulence back. Is this the begining of a new era? Of course!

We have so much elements to play with. There are so many styles merging into a singular one. We can have sport wedge sneakers with leather pants and with an ellegant shirt and an oversized necklace. On top of all that a colored coat or jacket and an one color bag and a colored hat.:)

Nothing is over the top because , in my opinion , everything is allowed and it will be used in our advantage!
I will show you some great styles and outfits from where we can inspire and develop our own style!

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